TruthTribe is an innovative approach

to group therapy and counseling services for

tweens & teens.

We offer a safe space for girls to find their truth,

know their tribe & Learn powerful tools for life-long success.

Girls are craving an authentic experience and parents are craving answers.

Mom’s out there, we get you.

We see your overwhelm and the pain of not knowing what she’s thinking

or how she’s really coping.

You don’t have to wait to find out.

We know the days are filled with forks in the road and we’re here for what you want her to get. The things you want to say but you don’t know how. The things you hold back because you’re tired of that look she gives you or that instant eye-roll.

We are a patronize-free zone for girls to feel the freedom to be who they are, to ask the tough questions and say the unsayable. She’s worried about what you’ll think and you’re worried about who she’s going to for the answers.

We’re here to bridge the gap.



What girls are saying

“I didn’t expect to come here and actually like it and in all honesty, I LOVE IT. I’ve made friends for life and I’ve learned that I can do hard things.” 16 yr old

“My favorite part about TruthTribe has been the friends I’ve made being able to come to a place where I can trust people to keep my secrets. I feel like I have a voice now and can stand up for myself.” 13 yr old


“I’m really glad I came! I love that I can talk about what’s on my mind and not feel judged or embarrassed. I wish my friends had something like this too.” 15yr old

“I’ve met my best friends in TruthTribe and I am so glad I came even though I didn’t want to at first. I learned a lot about myself.” 14 yr old