Meet Jess, Co-Founder & Family Therapist


Jessica Pass Haskell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, Owner of Heights Haven and mom of two.

She’s a visionary to her core and believes that holding space is her purpose in life.

Whether thats for her clients, young girls in TruthTribe, business owners or thought leaders looking to connect with their audience, Jessica, curates a positive, calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Jessica Co-founded TruthTribe in 2015 after realizing that so many of the young women she worked with were missing mind-body awareness to aid in integrating their whole-self into a confident young woman. After attending a Yoga Teacher Training, she and Jill set out to build a tribe of teen girls who’s lives depend on knowing they are worthy, powerful and valued.

Work With Jess

She offers a blend of therapy and parent coaching to combine inquiry and results-driven tools to put you on a personalized fast track to create calm, clarity and authentic connection between you and your daughter.

As an unbiased, confidential ally, she offers you a safe space to work freely through personal and professional obstacles, because let’s face it, you’re most likely carrying it all.

By listening carefully to what you say and how you say it, she develops insight into who you are and what’s holding you back from fully becoming that person —parent, wife, daughter, the list goes on— inside. We are all triggered all the time, some more than others and some are just more aware than others. Getting in front of these blindspots will increase your capacity to be present, observe with curiosity and tame your reactions that are likely contributing to the obstacles you’re facing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We ALL do it.

In this work you will begin to let go of limiting beliefs from childhood and replace them with more nuanced beliefs that serve you better in any relationship you’re in. Plus, it will ease your expectations for others around you and bring more flexibility to your day-to-day.

Together, you will map an objective understanding of what’s causing you pain or holding you back, to then change your story from one of challenge to one of triumph. This new found perspective will not only improve your relationships, it will give your daughter a new model for how to be in her own life.

Is this for me?

Her approach is not for you if you don’t feel like you are a part of the solution.

Her approach is for you if you are action-oriented and want to embrace what time you have left with your daughter and set her on a path of resilience that will enable a life-time of self-confidence, no matter what she faces.