Meet Jill, Co-Founder & Therapist


Jill Tucker’s ability to bring ease to parents and teens in the difficult storm of adolescents could be considered a super-power. She’s approachable and just the right amount of firm and lighthearted. With a rich history of training and education under her belt, Jill, isn’t your average therapist. She’s a go-getter and will pour her soul into every session, delivering in-the-moment strategies that are specific to each clients needs and goals.

Jill grew up the youngest of three girls and remembers what it was like having everyone else in the family speak for her. She new how to get the most out of being the ‘baby’ in the family and yet grew up with a determination to forge her own path. She’s the friend you want in your corner when you need a good laugh and need to remember that everything is going to be ok.

Passionate about mother-daughter relationships, Jill focuses on being the bridge that connects two seemingly different sides and reminds them that even though today may be tough, tomorrow can always be different.

Work With Jill


Jill is currently open to see new clients Tuesdays 12:30 - 6pm, Wednesdays 9 - 2pm and Fridays 10am - 3pm.

Her availability and expertise is ideal for young adults, professionals and parents with flexible schedules.