Programs and Memberships

For Teens & tweens

Option 1

Group therapy program


Our cornerstone program infuses both group therapy and yoga/meditation intentionally focused on meeting the girls where they are individually, while utilizing the power of their peers for expedited transformation.

Research favors group therapy for teens over any other modality and with our movement and mindfulness focus, we’ve seen first hand how powerful this work is.

Beginning Sept. 2019

Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm for Middle Schoolers

Thursdays 5:30-7:30pm for High Schoolers

Membership begins at $279/month with a 3-month minimum

Option 2

Weekly Yoga & Meditation Classes in our Studio ONLY

This option does not include group therapy.


We get moving together, learn the benefits of breath, we learn how to support one another and how incredibly amazing our bodies are when we actually tune-in. 

Weekly Yoga + Meditation classes are found on our schedule weekly and require registration up-front for drop-in classes.

Clients enrolled in our membership program can show-up for class without pre-registering.

Schedule begins Sept. 2019

Single classes are $35

Unlimited Monthly Membership is $99/month


Combines Option 1 and 2 for the ultimate TruthTribe experience.

Weekly group therapy, plus, unlimited yoga classes per month.


This package is for the girl who’s ready to really transform from the inside-out.

Combining our groups and yoga classes in one package allows members to attend additional yoga classes specifically aligned with our group program for a rich experience of conscious movement, stress-reduction and increased self-compassion.

These girls are committed to themselves, committed to their practice and sticking with those who show up for them.

Begins Sept. 2019

Membership $ 359/per month

Includes both group talk therapy and unlimited yoga.

3 Month Minimum Required



“I didn’t expect to come here and actually like it and in all honesty, I LOVE IT. I’ve made friends for life and I’ve learned that I can do hard things.” 16 yr old

“My favorite part about TruthTribe has been the friends I’ve made being able to come to a place where I can trust people to keep my secrets. I feel like I have a voice now and can stand up for myself.” 13 yr old

“I’m really glad I came! I love that I can talk about what’s on my mind and not feel judged or embarrassed. I wish my friends had something like this too.” 15yr old

“I’ve met my best friends in TruthTribe and I am so glad I came even though I didn’t want to at first. I learned a lot about myself.” 14 yr old


For Parents

Our parent groups and services are designed to educate, relieve and support you while your daughter gets what she needs, too.

Why struggle when you don’t have to?


Work with a therapist

Individual sessions are a great way to help teens process and identify their feelings, find new ways of coping and have a designated ally they trust to meet with when things get hard. Teens are just in the beginning trying to figure out what life is all about and who they want to be

The need for teens to pull-away and push parents out can cause a lot of stress, confusion and challenges for teens and parents alike. Our trained clinicians are skilled with navigating sibling dynamics, divorce/re-marriage, blended families, negotiating boundaries, healing recurring negative dynamics and establishing healthier communication between family members.


Moms Groups

As moms we usually bear the brunt of the mental and emotional load in the family. We hear from countless moms that the hardest part of raising a teen is all the not knowing. From how to get your teen to talk to you, to how to prepare them for the adult world. It’s an overwhelming time and the worst part is you’re no longer the only one who can call the shots. Your daughter can now make her own decisions —many of which you won’t ever know about.

Moms group is a time to relate, get support and learn from other moms who are in the trenches with you.


Join our private facebook group for Parents

We’ve heard countless parents express their desire for a place to connect, learn and contribute during these challenging tween and teen years. As a new parent there are unlimited ways to learn about your child’s development, best parenting hacks and vent about day-to-day struggles. As a parent of a tween or teen, this need hasn’t gone away, yet, there isn’t much out there. We’re here to create a safe space so you can breathe easier knowing you’re not the ONLY one out there at a loss for answers or direction.